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blue quarry dust

Blue Quarry is the crushed residue of natural Blue Metal and is also known as Crusher Dust. Blue Quarry Dust is extremely versatile.

It is very clean, easy to spread and compacts down hard, making it an ideal base for underneath driveways, pathways and concrete slabs.


fill sand

If you are pouring your concrete on an uneven surface or a surface with bumps and holes, you may find it will crack in future and you will be using more concrete to fill the void. Prepare your surface with fill sand to get a nice, level finish.

Superior Mini Mix have a range of fill sands for use with your project. Give us a buzz to find out more or to make an order.

road base

Road base is used as a sub base and is compacted to make a stable hard base for various applications and jobs such as under pavers or gravel driveways.

If you are unsure what you require or why to use road base, give us a buzz to find out more or to make an order.